Living Well Spending Less {TWO great resources in one!}


I remember where I was sitting when she told me she her dream was to write a book & get it published within the next year.  At that time, she didn’t have an agent or a publisher or even a solid start to a book.  Eight months and so much hard work and anguish later,  we were sitting on my back porch catching up on life when she got the call from Zondervan that sealed her book deal.  We screamed and cried and celebrated together and could hardly believe what God had done in her life in such a short time.  I walked with her every step of the way, from the months of writing and editing to the months of planning the book’s release to the overwhelming emotion that comes with bearing part of your heart and soul to the world.  I am so proud of her, proud of this book, and am all teary eyed that the time has come for this dream to bless so many people.

Living Well Spending Less releases December 30th but if you use this rare 25% off Amazon coupon today,  you can grab the paperback version of Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life for just $8.96, plus get her amazing digital Home Planning Workbook as a preorder bonus! The 156 page home planning workbook is the perfect tool to keep you organized this year, and the perfect way to put tips found in the book in action.  It includes yearly and monthly goal-setting pages, weekly planning pages, budget worksheets, expense trackers, and  much more! What a great start to 2015!


This is a seriously AMAZING deal from an wonderful friend who wrote a wonderful book!

Here’s what to do:

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